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Best of 2012 by Mary Kovoor

Blog Dec 2012Blog Dec 2012.

Lists, lists, lists! Magazines, radio stations and websites love to list their “best of” and “worst of” at the end of the year. It’s fun to see the top ten when it pertains to something relevant and interesting to us. Then there are those of us who tire of the lists. If you fall under this category, I recommend a blog I recently came across entitled “Top 10 Steps to a Top 10 List.” When confronted with a plethora of lists, can you possibly extract the events and places that meant most to you in 2012? What would be on your list?

I cannot help but smile as I attempt Read more

Holiday Musicale Performers

Holiday Musicale Concert

Holiday Musicale Concert

Although we are technically right in the middle of autumn, the recent blast of wintry weather is causing many of us to usher in the holiday season a bit earlier than usual.  We at Caramoor think that is fabulous!  Our Holiday Teas may be all sold out, but there are still plenty of seats available for the joyous Holiday Musicale concerts.  The Music Room will bring the baroque era to life in an unparalleled atmosphere of authenticity. Read more

Dancing at Dusk

Caramoor American Roots Music FestivalThe notion of “family” has changed over the years, and continues to evolve as our lifestyles and circumstances present us with new opportunities. Parents work longer hours and children get involved in more activities, making the 6pm family dinner a thing of the past. It’s nice when we can all eat together, but for many families, it’s not practical anymore. Baby boomers are now known as the “sandwich generation,” caring for children and aging parents simultaneously. The economy has forced many twenty- and even thirty-somethings back to their parents’ homes. The definition of family varies considerably, depending on whom you talk to.

Many of us strive to find some common ground, to pin down Read more