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Building the Box Office & Snow Much Happened

It was inevitable that winter weather was going to catch up with our construction calendar, and, almost like clockwork, on December 1st we had the first appreciable snowfall of the fall/winter season. While the blanket of white makes for some beautiful seasonal shots for our various marketing efforts, the snow and freezing conditions meant that the ongoing campus construction work had an added layer of difficulty. Thanks to the perseverance of our construction partners, a number of projects moved forward throughout December 2019 and January 2020.


That's me! Erin interns at the Rosen House

Behind the Scenes at the Rosen House

Hi there!

I’m Erin Harding, and I’ve just celebrated working one year at Caramoor. I currently work in the Development Department as the Special Events Assistant, helping to plan our benefits and tea programs for the year, and this past fall I deepened my appreciation of Caramoor while interning with Roanne Wilcox, Rosen House Director.

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Lights! Patio! Box Office!

The month of November was a race against the calendar and the farmer’s almanac, the 10-day weather forecasts, and the outdoor thermometers—not to mention Thanksgiving! The goal was to stay on schedule and to do all the major digging and concrete pouring before the ground froze and/or the snows fell. (We just barely made it. Thanks, Mother Nature! The first appreciable snowfall was December 1-2!)

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American Roots Music Festival at Caramoor

Getting to the Roots of it all.

Delve into the genre at the heart of December’s benefit.

On December 7th, 2019, Caramoor’s annual Music Room benefit concert features American Roots artist, John Hiatt. This event raises funds to support all of Caramoor’s musical performances and tickets are selling fast, so come join us for an evening full of great music!

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October Update: Digging In

Mother Nature has truly been inspiring us this fall. While the leaves may not have been at their peak for as long we would have liked, we were very fortunate to have a relatively mild October. So long as the ground doesn’t freeze and conditions aren’t unbearable, construction can continue to ‘dig in’ and move forward.

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Rediscovering Florence Price with the Thalea String Quartet

Originally appeared in the Fall 2019 Members’ Newsletter

Florence Price (1887–1953) was one of the first African-American women to be nationally recognized as a composer, and the first African-American woman to have her work performed by a major American orchestra; the Chicago Symphony Orchestra gave the world premiere of her Symphony No. 1 in 1933. 

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Thalea String Quartet

Introducing the Thalea String Quartet.

2019–20 Ernst Stiefel String Quartet-in-Residence

Originally appeared in the Fall 2019–Spring 2020 Season Program Book

The Thalea String Quartet was formed in 2014 and is dedicated to building a new and diverse audience for chamber music through innovative programming and community engagement. They are currently the Young Professional String Quartet at the Butler School of Music, where they are mentored by the Miró Quartet (Caramoor’s ESSQIR 2000–2001!).

Last summer, we asked them about their upcoming Caramoor residency.

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From the Archives | The Rosen House

Caramoor’s Rosen House archivist, Christopher Thomas shares how Caramoor all began! Get the whole story from the very beginnings of the land itself to the evolution of the property’s main house.

Above, the farm complex circa 1930.

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