October Update: Digging In


Mother Nature has truly been inspiring us this fall. While the leaves may not have been at their peak for as long we would have liked, we were very fortunate to have a relatively mild October. So long as the ground doesn’t freeze and conditions aren’t unbearable, construction can continue to ‘dig in’ and move forward.

We were excited to see the new retaining wall at Friends Field really take shape in October. This is just one of the new stone walls that you will see in the revitalized parking and pedestrian areas. They were designed to provide definitions to specific areas — like Friends Field — and to be reminiscent of the stone walls seen throughout the New England countryside. When covered by fall leaves, they are particularly picturesque — especially set next to the new pavers.

Retaining wall with leaves

Another large wall like this is being installed at the top of the larger parking field known as Foxes Field. This wall will provide a needed definition for a new, specifically designed ADA parking lot closer to the North Gate of the Venetian Theater. The size of some of the boulders providing the foundation for these walls is truly impressive and we are glad WE didn’t have to move them!

Foxes Field is also undergoing some new ‘roadway’ building, which reflects some of the new traffic patterns being implemented in 2020. We will continue to keep you posted on these and other changes to parking, but please be alert to our messaging, signage, Visitor Services, and Parking Staff when you come to visit.

While the staff likes to take walks around the grounds as a mid-day break, they are finding that their ability to roam is now curtailed, often due to yet another trench. (This is actually good news for progress!) While being respectful of the hazardous work-site and not trespassing, we were able to observe and marvel upon the changes underway.

At the South Gate area, work included:
  • Removal of the South Gate entrance area by Grape Walk;
  • Removal of the old South Gate steps into the Venetian Theater;
  • Excavation to trench for electrical and other conduit;
  • Installation of bolsters for new walkway lighting;
  • Re-grading of the earth for a new and improved South Gate walkway/entrance, particularly for an ADA accessible ramp;
  • Preparation for a new backstage loading area and new and re-located Artists Patio;
  • Removal of some of the old pavers from in front of the restrooms; and
  • Preparation of the new Pavilion Terrace area.
Other work has included:
  • Deconstruction of the ‘original’ Artists Patio which was constructed during a previous capital campaign;
  • Planting screening trees around the new generators and equipment that was installed behind the Rosen House. As these trees grow, they’ll not only ‘hide’ all the mechanicals, but also add to the landscape.
  • And many, many meetings with construction and other partners to make sure work stays on track, on time, and on budget.

During much of October, our construction partner Pecord Excavating  has been utilizing all the heavy machinery at their disposal. Here are some of our favorite Instagram posts.

Some of the staff found it amusing that the construction materials seemingly had a call-out to our C/. logo. We hope we’ll C / U later this season!

In the meantime, we’ll also be keeping you updated via our weekly e-blasts [sign up here!], the “Planning your Visit” emails, and through our various social media channels [Facebook, Twitter, Instagram].

We know we’ve said it before, but Thank You for your patience and for paying attention to our important construction-related messaging. We want you to enjoy your visit, but also be safe during this transformative time. Please continue to visit our website for the most up-to-date information about the construction and any possible impact to the public.

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