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Spanish Courtyard at dusk

A Musical Guide to Stargazing

Astrology: A New Hobby

By Erin Harding, Special Events Assistant

As we all spend more time at home embracing the current circumstances, many of us have reignited our love for hobbies. If you’re anything like me, you’re itching to try something new. What’s better than the timeless activity of stargazing? I’ve recently connected with Lawrence Faltz, life-long classical music lover and amateur astronomer from Westchester Amateur Astronomers, to learn about what stars we can see at this time of year. Music and the stars go hand in hand in unforeseen ways. 

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Isolation and Creation

The Future of Live Music

With the rise of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have been forced to retreat into the safety of our homes (for those of us who are able to), and limit our social gatherings and events. This has turned the world we were accustomed to upside down, trading lunch meetings with Zoom meetings, and Friday nights out with Friday nights in. As we struggle to adapt to what most are calling “the new normal,”musicians struggle to adjust to a world without live music.

Live music has had a strong foothold in society, helping to define generations. Without this outlet, musicians and fans alike have stormed the internet to both create and digest content that cannot be consumed in the same manner as pre-pandemic times. Musicians have been forced to greatly adjust their tactics and methods of creation in order to answer the one major question plaguing musicians and artists alike: “How do we convey the same feeling of a live show to a virtual audience?” While there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction, many musicians have taken on the challenge in order to continue the process of creation and consumption.

Both Vilray and Chris Thile, musicians slated to perform this summer at Caramoor, happily shared their own experiences navigating the pandemic-altered music industry.

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A “Revolutionary Project”

Listening to History in Shirley Graham’s 1932 Opera Tom-Tom 

by Lucy Caplan

Ten thousand spectators came on the first night; fifteen thousand more on the second. They filled the stadium on the lakefront, marveling at the multi-tiered stage, the elephant that lumbered across it, and the thirty-foot waterfall towering above. As the sun set, a light rain began to fall. Its rhythmic patter merged imperceptibly with the sounds emanating from a battalion of percussion instruments. Four soloists and a chorus of hundreds appeared. Their voices guided the audience out of the drizzly present – Cleveland, summer, 1932 – and into the sweeping epic of Tom-Tom, the world-premiere opera unfolding onstage.  

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Valentine's Day Playlist

Be Mine: A Very Caramoor Valentine’s Day

We’ve compiled our picks of romantic and love-inspired songs perfect for Valentine’s Day from Caramoor performers past and present! What music do you like to share with the ones you love? Read more