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New York: This Historic Estate Will Be Your New Dream Venue

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For couples looking for a gorgeous, open air venue for their wedding, consider the Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts. Conveniently located in Katanoh, New York (which is just one short hour from Manhattan), this lush retreat is easily accessible for all of your guests in the tri-state area and beyond. Read more

Exploring American Favorites [slash] Eric Michael Gillett

The popular music of decades past carries a timeless romance rarely found amongst the autotune-heavy pop hits of today. Whether on the screen, on the stage, or in the dark corners of a crowded lounge, the longing, joy, and passion of a Gershwin showstopper or Sondheim ballad still catches us, rapt, and begs us to listen. Read more

Meet the Folksingers, Part I / Dom Flemons

Folksinger. The term conjures up the likes of Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Joan Baez. The charismatic banjo or guitar slinger who keeps it simple, powerfully getting right to the heart of the song.

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Best of 2012 by Mary Kovoor

Blog Dec 2012Blog Dec 2012.

Lists, lists, lists! Magazines, radio stations and websites love to list their “best of” and “worst of” at the end of the year. It’s fun to see the top ten when it pertains to something relevant and interesting to us. Then there are those of us who tire of the lists. If you fall under this category, I recommend a blog I recently came across entitled “Top 10 Steps to a Top 10 List.” When confronted with a plethora of lists, can you possibly extract the events and places that meant most to you in 2012? What would be on your list?

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