Music and culture enrich kids’ lives.


Student Strings

Geared toward middle school and high school music classes, our Student Strings program builds music literacy and confidence through in-class workshop intensives, discussions, and live performances.

For more information about this program, please contact our Artistic Coordinator Tim Coffey at [email protected] or 914.232.5035 x424.


Elementary & Secondary School Programs.

Our elementary and secondary school programs focus on making the arts and creativity integral to the education process. We work with thousands of school children each year, many from underserved schools, and help them open their eyes, ears, and minds through exposure to music and culture.

Led by a team of teaching artists and musicians, our curriculum-based programs make full use of Caramoor, offering students and teachers opportunities to interact with our gardens, grounds, greenhouse, performance spaces, and historic Rosen House.

In Fall 2019, we started a planning process to reassess our programs so they are the best they can be. We did a survey with teachers from over 50 schools, held a focus group with area teachers and college administrators, met with area superintendents and community leaders, and spoke with teachers visiting our campus. In light of what we learned, and because of the impact of Covid-19, here’s what you can expect for the 2020-21 and 2021-22 school years:

2020-21  We will not host school field trips at Caramoor.
We do hope to host special events for educators to celebrate and support their work without adding pressure or taking away from time with students.

Fall of 2021  We plan to resume school trips to Caramoor.
Students will explore the entire campus — the Rosen House, grounds, and the Education Center — with new curricular enhancements. This means we will not be focusing exclusively on Renaissance or Chinese Art, but we will continue to tie into the school curriculums for history, art, architecture, music, the environment, and socio-emotional learning.

For more information about programs for elementary school students, please contact Kathy Schuman, at [email protected] or 914.232.8239.

Past Programs

Student Tickets

We understand that schools have limited resources but strong desires to expose children to music and culture. To support that goal, we offer half-price tickets to select performances during the year for students and their families.


Thank you for supporting our Arts in Education programming!

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