This program is currently being updated and will be available to book for the coming school year.
Check back in this coming June for updates!

The day at a glance

Learn the ins and outs of traditional Middle Ages and Renaissance dance, song, and Commedia dell’Arte. Students also spend time with our resident falconer and her raptors while learning about the traditions of Renaissance and Medieval falconry, and visit the historic Rosen House to see and learn about our extensive collection of Renaissance art and artifacts.

Program standards

This program complies with the following New York State standards: Arts – Standard 3 (Responding to and Analyzing Works of Art), Standard 4 (Understanding the Cultural Dimensions and Contributions of the Arts); Non-Arts – Standard 2 (Social Studies / World History)

Before you visit

In preparation for your visit, we send teachers a workbook describing the day’s events, suggesting classroom activities, and providing ideas for costume and banner making. Children and adults are both encouraged to come in traditional dress!

For more information about this program for elementary school students, please contact our Education Coordinator, at or 914.232.5035 x200.

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