This is a past program.

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The day at a glance

Students tour the historic Rosen House to view our collection of extraordinary ancient Chinese art and artifacts, and listen to traditional Chinese music performed by musicians born and educated in China. Students also learn about and participate in the ancient tradition of brush painting using bamboo brushes and Chinese ink, and participate in traditional Chinese dance workshops, including Lion Dancing with Masks and Ribbon Dancing.

Program standards

This program complies with the following New York State standards: Arts – Standard 3 (Responding to & Analyzing Works of Art), Standard 4 (Understanding the Cultural Dimensions and Contributions of the Arts); Non-Arts – Standard 2 (Social Studies / World History), Standard 4 (Science / The Living Environment)

Before you visit

In preparation for your visit, we send teachers a packet of information about China to share with students, including laminated images of art from Caramoor’s collection; articles on Chinese music, painting, and tea; legends of mythical figures; symbols and calligraphy; a vocabulary list; and a map of China.

For more information about this program for elementary school students, please contact our Education Coordinator, at [email protected] or 914.232.5035 x200.

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