The day at a glance

In this two day program, students learn about the interrelationships among music, architecture, and sound art. Teaching musicians discuss their instruments and lead small student groups through composing and performing their own songs. Students further express their creativity by making drawings in the setting of the culturally rich Music Room to the sounds of live music. Led by a professional architect, students take a guided tour of our historic Rosen House, learning building principles and observing patterns and rhythms. Students explore unique works of sound art and engage with professional sound artists.

Program standards

This program complies with the following New York State standards: Arts – Standard 1 (Visual, Music, Speaking and Writing), Standard 2 (Knowing and Using Arts Materials and Resources), Standard 3 (Responding to and Analyzing Works of Art), Standard 4 (Understanding the Cultural Dimensions and Contributions of the Arts); Non-Arts – Standard 1 (Career Development), Standard 2 (Social Studies / World History), Standard 3 (Mathematics / Patterns / Functions), Standard 4 (Science / The Living Environment), Standard 5 (Technology),

Before you visit

In preparation for your visit, we send our architect to your school for an introduction the profession of architecture. Teachers will receive laminated reproductions of selected works of art from Caramoor’s collection, “learning to look” questions, and a workbook with preparatory and follow-up exercises.

For more information about this program for elementary school students, please contact our Education Coordinator, at or 914.232.5035 x200.

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