Experience the Pastoral …

Walter and Lucie Rosen visited Caramoor in 1928.  Captivated by the Italian-style gardens, they purchased the estate as their summer home. Many of the older gardens remain, forming the backdrop for Guitar in the Garden and the American Roots Music Festival.

Experience music in nature, stroll the grounds, and explore the allure of our beautiful perennial and cultivated landscapes.


Sunken Garden

Welcome to a spot of quiet beauty that encourages peaceful contemplation.  This garden is the setting for Guitar in the Garden concerts and the American Roots Music Festival, and a popular choice for wedding ceremonies.


Butterfly Garden

Comprised of plants chosen to encourage all stages of butterfly development, the Butterfly Garden is adjacent to the Italian Pavilion, a Brunelleschi-inspired outdoor structure often used as a setting for special and private events.

Caramoor Gardens

Iris & Peony Garden

Started in 1990 and now overflowing with seasonal blooms, this perennial garden also includes day lilies and captivates visitors from early spring until fall.


Marjorie Carr Adams Sense Circle

Designed by famed local author and landscape designer Catherine Ziegler, the Marjorie Carr Adams Sense Circle and its central fountain are specially arranged to engage those with visual and physical disabilities. Varieties of highly scented, brightly colored, textured, and in some cases edible, plants emerge each spring to encourage the use of all five senses.

Caramoor Music Festival 2006

Tapestry Hedge

This immense collection of evergreens is a popular backdrop for photographs. The twin statues of Zephyr, the Greek god of the west wind, and Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers, are attributed to the 17th-century Italian sculptor Antonio Bonazzi.

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