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Day Two of the Schwab Vocal Rising Stars Residency

Blog March VRS 2 The first day is always the honeymoon; and on the second day I can see what the week’s work is going to be about. These singers all have such fertile imaginations that they are sometimes bombarded with thoughts, ideas, images, impulses. They’re gifted and young, and they are still building the wiring to handle their own artistic electricity. Their capabilities are enormous. Some singers would be daunted by the eight languages in “Ports of Call”; others would need to be shown the subtleties of melody and style. At Caramoor, though, everyone has a tremendous instinct for music, and no one has raised Read more

Day One of the Schwab Vocal Rising Stars Residency

Blog March 2014 VRS 1

Pictured above, Steve Blier and Olivia Betzen.

By Steven Blier, Artistic Director, mentor and pianist

Today was the first day of the 2014 Vocal Rising Stars program at Caramoor—the sixth season NYFOS and Caramoor have collaborated on this project. Every year has its own distinctive atmosphere, like the unique timbre of an instrument or the tantalizing aroma of  something in the oven. Our cast is a bit younger than usual—just a few years, really, but for people in their twenties the age difference is significant. One of our singers, Annie Rosen, has sung in opera houses overseas, but the other three—soprano Olivia Betzen, tenor Miles Mykkanen, and baritone Theo Hoffman—are just entering the professional world. Theo is still an undergraduate (he’s the youngest we’ve ever had in the program), and Olivia is fresh off the boat—she moved to New York about six weeks ago Read more

Will Crutchfield: Interview with the Director of Opera for the Caramoor Festival

Will Crutchfield made his name as a writer and musicologist in the mid-1980s, becoming the youngest music critic in the history of The New York Times.

By John Yohalem

Caramoor 2007He returned to his theater roots in the mid-1990s to conduct opera. He has held leading positions with the national operas of Bogota, Colombia, and Warsaw, Poland, and has been Director of Opera for the Caramoor International Music Festival in Katonah, New York, since 1997. At Caramoor, he has been noted for his revivals of unusual bel canto repertory as well as for re-examinations of familiar masterpieces. This summer, Caramoor’s offerings will include H.M.S. Pinafore, on June 25 and, in two performances, on July 9 and 15, each preceded by pre-opera lectures and related concerts, Rossini’s last opera, Guillaume Tell, given in the ori Read more

A Look at What’s in a House – by Jessica Meyer

Jessica Meyer

Jessica Meyer

Each year more than 5,000 students from area schools participate in various Arts-in-Education programs at Caramoor. Jessica Meyer is a violist and composer who recently led a workshop with a class of 5th graders from Yonkers, and wanted to share her experience: 

I am really excited to be part of Caramoor’s two-day educational residencies called What’s in a House, a series of workshops where students visit with both an architect and a horticulturalist, then compose music with me based on rooms of the famous Rosen House.

When I first saw the house, I was shocked by how unique and captivating it is. I have traveled the world as a classical violist, but I have never seen a house like this! What makes it really special is that there is an entire room devoted Read more

In the Garden of Sonic Delights

Contact: Lois Cohn Associates
Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts
presents unprecedented sound art exhibition
In the Garden of Sonic Delights
Jun 7– Nov 3, 2014

More than 15 artists including Laurie Anderson, Ed Osborn, Annea Lockwood, Stephen Vitiello
and Trimpin to exhibit new site-specific sound works Read more

Caramoor Presents Chinese ‘Ambassadors’ to Enrich Local Schools

Sometimes called a Chinese fiddle, the erhu can bark like a dog, chirp like a bird, and laugh like a human. Its name might not be the easiest to remember, but this ancient two-stringed instrument produces exquisite melancholy tones suitable for sophisticated classical music. Both aspects of the erhu – its playful, amusing side, as well as its serious, melodic side – are highlighted during a special arts-in-education program designed to introduce school children to Chinese arts and culture.

Students listen to the erhu and other indigenous Chinese instruments and then enjoy a traditional tea Read more

The Miro Quartet

Contact: Lois Cohn Associates
Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts presents
The Miró Quartet
Sunday, October 27 at 4 P.M. in the Music Room Read more