To ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts is a destination for exceptional music, captivating programs, spectacular gardens and grounds, and wonderful moments with friends and family. 

Whether taking a tour of The Rosen House, picnicking, watching a livestream or attending a concert, Caramoor can provide a unique and exciting experience for all. We take pride in being a welcoming escape, and we take measures to ensure that everyone feels and safe doing so.

Our Code of Conduct

Our code serves to respect and protect all visitors, staff, volunteers, members, donors, board members, vendors, and artists and is applicable to all stated. 

We do not tolerate any discrimination including but not limited to, on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender presentation, immigration status, disability, age, marital status, health status, or political affiliation. 

Bullying or hate speech of any kind is unacceptable – in person, via social media, email, or phone. 

We do not tolerate sexual harassment, unwanted sexual attention, violence, or threats of violence. 

We ask our guests to: 

  • Be respectful of patrons and staff. 
  • Refrain from using foul/offensive language, fighting, obscene gestures, throwing objects, and engaging in other behavior detrimental to the experience of other patrons. 
  • Consume alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner. 
  • Comply with requests from staff regarding the venue’s operational and emergency procedures. 
  • Be respectful of Caramoor’s grounds, and to not damage property. 

By visiting our campus or engaging with the Caramoor community through phone, email communication, or social media channels, you acknowledge that you are aware of and will adhere to this code of conduct. Attendees are responsible for their own conduct – as well as the conduct of their guests or persons using their tickets. 

Caramoor reserves the right to remove any person from our campus for violations of the Code of Conduct, including the right to revoke membership and/or ban any person who does not adhere to the Code of Conduct, without notice or refund, from all future events, programs, and our grounds. 

If you notice any violations to our Code of Conduct or policies, please report to a Caramoor employee or Security. If you witness a violation via the internet, please contact [email protected] 

Caramoor prohibits retaliation against anyone who reports a concern in good faith. 

Questions? Contact our Box Office at 914.232.1252 or [email protected]