Caramoor Bel Canto Young Artist: Carolyn Ramseur


June 15, 2017

Meet Carolyn Ramseur, a Bel Canto Young Artist (BCYA), who tells us how she is prepping for the Opening Night Concert: A Night of Italian Opera.

“I was thrilled to be selected as a BCYA for a second time this year! As a returning Apprentice, I knew what to expect as far as the program is concerned. I was so excited to continue learning and adopting the techniques from the Bel Canto tradition. Each coach brings a different set of knowledge and skill that is invaluable to growing as a professional singer.

Alongside the top notch education, you’ll make some of the best connections in our industry. Everyone I’ve met at Caramoor has taught me something about becoming a better singer– especially my fellow YA’s.

The rehearsal process for the operas take a large chunk of our time. So far, the most challenging part of rehearsals is continuing to adopt the same techniques we are taught as a soloist, into the group setting. This sounds a little strange, but so often singers are taught to change everything from their vowel shape, to their tone, so that the group sounds more uniform. Part of the BCYA program is to show us that the group sounds better when each individual sings to their best ability. And its true! Singing with an ensemble has never been so satisfying.

I’m most looking forward to our final performance at Caramoor. The grounds are incredible and seem to invoke a need to sing beautiful music. I truly look forward to our time there for the last time! What a joy it’s been to be a part of such a tremendous legacy at Bel Canto Caramoor.”

— Carolyn Ramseur


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