10 Caramoor Spots to Check Out as Chosen by the Caramoor Staff

Most people know Caramoor for its spectacular theaters but not many people take some time before the concert to explore the landscape that surrounds them. We get it, sometimes it can seem overwhelming with the amount of acreage that Caramoor sits on. So to help you out, we have asked the Caramoor staff a simple question: “Where is your favorite Caramoor spot?” For a lot of us, when we need to take a break from the computer or if we feel that we need to take a breath of air after a long meeting, we tend to go to a favorite spot for a bit of quiet and serenity.

Take a peek at this list for some ideas the next time you visit Caramoor!

1. Courtyard Behind the Education Center

“It is beautiful, secluded and quiet, in every season! The Education Center acts as a barrier to the office buildings and noise, making it a great spot for a breath of fresh air. And when the little fountain is on it becomes even more therapeutic!” – Liat Tretin, Executive Assistant/ Board Liaison

2. Spanish Courtyard Archway

“Not only do I get to experience amazing music from this spot, but I get to see our audience experience it as well. In my opinion, the best part of working at Caramoor is being able to see how my and my colleagues’ hard work translates into a valuable experience for our patrons. The Spanish Courtyard Archway provides the perfect vantage point for me to see firsthand how special each concert is for our audience, and there’s always an incredible soundtrack to go with it!” – Caroline Andrews, Summer Box Office Supervisor

3. Picnic bench Under the Trees by Picnic Parking

“This is my secret lunch spot where I feel tucked away, observing some of the grounds, and able to enjoy some quiet solitude as well.” – Karla Stewart, Concierge Program Manager

4. Sense Circle Fountain

“During a hectic workday, I can take a very short walk to the Sense Circle, and just listen to the fountains flowing into the water. The combination of the running water and the birds chirping in the countless trees really makes this my favorite Caramoor spot.” – Roslyn Wertheimer, Marketing Coordinator

5. Pathway from the Center Entry Plaza to the Venetian Theater

“It’s lined with beautiful landscaping and the lighting makes it feel resort-like, and then it ends with that lush fountain of flowers. It’s the perfect pathway to the theater – almost out of place and time. Love it.” – Roanne Wilcox, Publications Editor

6. Cedar Walk

“Late in the day before, during or after a concert the evening sun streams in through the old cedar trees. With the beautiful arbor or stone gateway located at either end, people always walk through creating endless opportunities for great photographs. Every season creates a different look to the walk with changing foliage, light, and even snow making it my favorite Caramoor spot.” – Gabe Palacio, Staff Photographer

7. Venetian Theater, Seat AA27

“The seat offers a great view of the Venetian Theater stage, is on the left-hand side (for those who prefer to see a pianist’s hands), and is easily accessible from the South Gate of the Venetian Theater. Moreover, since this seat is along the perimeter of the theater, it is very easy to feel like you’re truly in an outdoor venue, as one look to your left puts you right in the Woodland Garden.” – Alex Cutrone, Audience Services Manager

8. Hammock on Cedar Walk

“Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a hammock respite under the shady cedars? I especially like to come here to clear my mind when I’m working on a tricky creative problem. Works like a charm every time. Plus, the zen-like sound art pairs amazingly well with the calm rustling of the wind through the leaves – a true delight for mind, body, and spirit!” – Morgan Boecher, Director of Marketing and Communications

9. Behind the Medieval Mount

“There’s this off-the-beaten path sense of discovery when you venture around the back of the Medieval Mount to this quiet semi-secret nook. In late summer, when the hostas grow huge, the shrubs grow wild, and the light flickers through the canopy just right, you get the sense that the forest is a magical refuge, where time, history, and the world just melt away.” – Shhhh. If I tell you, you’ll know where to find me when I need to escape.

10. The middle bench looking to the Pegasus Gates

“The Pegasus Gate and Circle were originally intended to be the main entrance to the original estate, and later to the Venetian Theater. On concert days, this area is trafficked only by people who happily stumble across it or those who know it’s the best place to take in the full range of the Caramoor story: the ruins of the original estate on your right, the Sunken Garden and Cedar Walk that made the Rosens fall in love with the property behind you, and to your right, the structure that ensures their enduring legacy, the Venetian Theater.” — Emily Buffum, Digital Media CoordinatorPegasus Circle


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  1. Barbara Levine  / 

    My favorite venue is the Spanish courtyard. My favorite spot is the view as you look down into the Sunken Gardens.

  2. Liz  / 

    A man (who was an ex, but still my friend at the time) and I took a stroll through the sunken garden before catching Bela Bartok one evening. Not fully over him, I spent the entire evening daydreaming about what we could have gotten up to “Behind the Medieval Mount.”At one point, I looked over and he had his eyes closed; he appeared to be asleep. At the end of the show, I asked him, “I guess you were tired. I looked over and caught you dozing.”

    “No,” he said. I was fantasizing about the Sunken Garden. (wink)