Caramoor Staff Haikus


Just this past Wednesday, July 12th, our staff was tasked with writing a Caramoor themed haiku. Some were about the upcoming Jazz Festival, others about the Rosen House, and a lot about the beauty of Caramoor. Scroll through and read the words from some of our staff members!

Beauty always present
In enchanting Caramoor
Inspiring legacy
Jade screen eyes: sight quest
Theremin yawn: night echoes
Gardens: we reflect
Dearest Junetta
Can I borrow your bug spray?
You’re a life saver
Busy days running
Chicken, rice, music, emails
Yummy leftovers
Roofs made of stucco
Pristine gardens and sounds
My heart overflows
A passion for awe
A-ha moments aplenty
Summer at Car-‘more
Walter, a banker
Lucie, a theremin muse
A house left to use
To visit, a dream
To work, an honor for me
To share, special treat
Op-‘ra, Chamber, Roots.
Jazz, Songbook, Symphonic, Tea.
It’s all here, come see.
Ev’ning summer sun,
Blushing twilight, blooming hearts
Musical embrace
A Child’s perspective
Crafts, dancing, santa, listen??
Caramoor is Fun!
In silence we watch
Days, seasons, years pass quickly
Listening to song
Once a Festival—
Oh! Now a summer season
(Time warps Fast and Slow)
Fast and musical,
The summer at Caramoor
Is a waterslide
A congress of elms
Whispers about the weekend
“McCoy Tyner, yo”
What would Lucie do?
Caramoor now ask itself..
“Welcome all with art.”
Caramoor Haiku?
Well, it’s hot and it’s stressful
And then there’s August
Bug Spray, Sunscreen, Beer
The Jazz Festival Cometh
Get those toes tappin’


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