A Little Free Library Appears at Caramoor

Did you know that Caramoor has its own Little Free Library?

Caramoor is not just a place for music and art lovers, but a place for book lovers as well!

What started as an informal book swap between colleagues (some of whom come from the library and publishing worlds) was formally chartered as a Little Free Library earlier last year and installed in two places; one just off Caramoor’s Garden Courtyard near the Administration and Box Offices, and one located on cedar walk (see pictured above).

Little Free Libraries are just part of the growing international “sharing” and DIY movements. It is formally registered as a nonprofit organization that inspires a love of reading, builds community, and sparks creativity by fostering book exchanges around the world.

The Little Free Libraries come in many shapes and sizes, often with a personal touch. While some are converted phone booths, canoes, grandfather clocks, or even hollowed out trees, each is customized to safely store various lending materials. Caramoor’s first Little Free Library installation (pictured below) was handcrafted by a Caramoor employee and her partner to echo Caramoor’s unique architectural detailing and exactly matches the wood paint trim color of its surroundings. Another Caramoor employee is the official Steward and periodically (pun intended) rotates and curates the collection. Our second LFL, off the Cedar Walk (pictured above), was adapted from an earlier Sonic Delights a/v installation which had been sitting empty just waiting for a new purpose. It’s proved VERY popular with our visitors this year, often needing to be restocked multiple times during all-day events such as our American Roots and Jazz Festival days.

At Caramoor, our LFL offerings include books ranging from serious prize winning publications, to modern click-lit, to new ARCs (advance reader copies/uncorrected galleys) from publishing houses, to Young Adult (YA) titles for the young at heart. You may even find graphic novels by yet another Caramoor employee or a stash of Caramoor brochures or swag. That’s the beauty of this lending library – you never know what’s going to disappear one day or appear the next.

The Little Free Library motto “take a book, return a book” is engraved on its logo and charter signs, so don’t be shy! Come visit our Libraries! Caramoor holds the Little Free Library Charter #26023. Since it is Caramoor, you never know what other musical treats might be there for the taking!

For more information about The Little Free Library movement, building and sharing your own, or maps to where ones might be in YOUR neighborhood, please visit: https://littlefreelibrary.org/ or visit Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


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