Music Never Sleeps NYC, Part 2

Music Never Sleeps, Part 2

Dear friends,

As our shelter-at-home days continue on, I’m pleased to share another set of videos from the “Music Never Sleeps NYC” livestreamed marathon, which featured many Caramoor artists.

1. Edward Arron & Jeewon Park

Edward Arron and Jeewon Park are both alumni of our Evnin Rising Stars program.  Eddie has performed many, many times at Caramoor under the moniker “Edward Arron and Friends” and is scheduled to perform in our upcoming 4th Annual Chamber Feast. Here, he and Jeewon play Mendelssohn’s Song Without Words, Op. 109.

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2. Aoife O’Donovan, Colin Jacobsen & Eric Jacobsen

Luckily for us, the Jacobsen brothers and Aoife live in the same house, so were able to prepare this beautiful rendition of “The Lakes of Pontchartrain” while sequestered. Aoife’s most recent appearance at Caramoor was with supergroup I’m With Her, and the Jacobsen brothers will be back in July with The Knights.

3. Timo Andres

Brooklyn-based composer/pianist Timo Andres gave a beautiful recital last summer in the Music Room. He also composed Caramoor’s pre-concert chime bells, which we’ve been using since 2018. For this occasion, he chose to play a work by fellow composer John Adams, called I Still Play. The piece was written to celebrate the retirement of Bob Hurwitz, the longtime president of Nonesuch Records. Adams explained the origin of the title: “I’d overheard someone talking to Bob — they said, ‘I didn’t know you played the piano.’ And Bob said ‘Yes, I still play.’

4. Ted Sperling

Broadway conductor Ted Sperling has led several wonderful performances at Caramoor, including She Loves Me, and Bernstein’s Broadway.  This summer he’s scheduled to be back paying tribute to Stephen Sondheim, who just turned 90! Here, Ted plays a delightful Gershwin song, and demonstrates his wonderful vocal talents. Ted, you’re on the wrong side of the footlights!

Wishing you good health and good music,




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  1. David Lichtenstein  / 

    Ted, this was wonderful., We were so looking forward to seeing you this summer at Caramoor. But I remember you as a violist with braces, not a violinist, pianist, and singer.