There’s an App For That

Have you visited our Sonic Delights exhibition and seen Trimpin’s “The Pianohouse”?


Did you know there’s an app for that?

Control what pieces “The Pianohouse” plays and choose from 19 different compositions. You have the power with your iPhone® to play, pause and stop the sounds! It’s just another way to fully interact with the In the Garden of Sonic Delights sound art exhibition.

Here’s how:

1) Download the App iScrudenizer on the Apple App Store℠


2) Visit Caramoor and explore In the Garden of Sonic Delights

3) Walk to “The Pianohouse” located along the Center Walk

4) When you are standing right next to “The Pianohouse”, connect to the WiFi network: ‘The Piano House’


5) Open the ‘iScrudenizer’ app

6) Fill in the fields ‘Server’ and ‘Port’ so they look like the photo below:



Port: 2100

7) Select ‘Get Playlist’


8) A list of compositions will appear below ‘Get Playlist’


9) Select the track you would like to play

10) Press the Play button (►)11) The Pianohouse will begin to play your selection!12) Press the controls at the top of the screen to Play, Pause or Stop the music13) If you do not press any of the controls, The Pianohouse will play out the entirety of the composition and end on its own


Come and try it out for yourself and let us know your favorite compositions!

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“In the Garden of Sonic Delights” (Sonic Delights) is a major open-air sound art exhibition presented by Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts. Opening June 7, and continuing through the fall season, the exhibition, led by Curator and Artistic Director Stephan Moore, will include fifteen site-specific sound artworks.  Caramoor commissioned sixteen established and emerging sound artists to choose distinctive locations at Caramoor and five partner organizations throughout Westchester County.  In the Garden of Sonic Delights at Caramoor will be open Thursday-Sunday, 10AM-3PM. Admission is $10.00 (children 12 and under are free), including all-day access to the Caramoor grounds for the exhibit, picnics, and walks. Check schedule for art work availability.

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