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Trimpin & Scott Smallwood


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Meet Trimpin (The Pianohouse) & Scott Smallwood (Coronium 3500 [Lucie’s Halo])

Trimpin. Photo by Sheryl Ball

Photo by Sheryl Ball


Trimpin was born in 1951 in Germany and attended the University in Berlin. For the past 30 years he has been living and working as a sound artist in Seattle, Washington. Commissions, projects, and guest lecturer positions have been the primary focus of his profession as a sound artist. He has been a recipient of numerous grants and awards nationally and internationally.




Scott Smallwood Photo by Scott Smallwood

Photo by Scott Smallwood

Scott Smallwood

Scott Smallwood is a sound artist, composer, and sound performer who creates works inspired by discovered textures and forms, through a practice of listening, field recording, and sonic improvisation. He also designs experimental electronic instruments and software, as well as sound installations and site-specific performance scenarios. Important to his process is exploring the subtleties of sonic texture through gradual transformations of timbre, particularly with sounds that may have originated from specific recordings of objects or spaces. His compositional and improvisational work makes use of space explicitly, and often involves multiple channel environments, found sounds, and non-conventional instrumentation. He has performed and collaborated with numerous artists, including Pauline Oliveros, John Butcher, Seth Cluett, Jennifer Mesch, Benton-C Bainbridge, and long-time collaborator Stephan Moore. His work has been published by Deep Listening, Static Caravan, Autumn Records, and Wowcool Records, among others. He has written for numerous instrumental ensembles, including recent works for the New York Virtuoso Singers, the Princeton Laptop Orchestra, and the Continuum Ensemble of Toronto. He has been active as an educator for over 20 years, and currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta, where he teaches composition, improvisation, and electroacoustic music at the University of Alberta.


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Scott Smallwood, Coronium 3500 (Lucie’s Halo)


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