Volunteer Spotlight:
Susan Taylor



If you’ve ever been to Caramoor – whether you’ve attended a concert, strolled along our grounds, toured the Rosen House, or visited In the Garden of Sonic Delights – then you’ve had the pleasure of interacting with our very dedicated and outstanding volunteers. They are so much more than just docents, ushers, audience greeters and tour guides, so we’d like to introduce you to our volunteers through our Volunteer Spotlight!




Meet Susan Taylor


Volunteer Position(s): Docent, Rosen House Docent, Education Programs, Usher, Audience Greeter, Sonic Delights Guide, Garden Tour Guide, Envelope Stuffer 


Years as a Caramoor Volunteer: 12


What’s your favorite event here and why? 

I cannot choose one event but the concerts and working as an Audience Greeter are my favorite things at Caramoor. Every concert is wonderful and the interraction with nature as the music drifts over me in the outdoor venues puts me in a very peaceful place.  Some concerts are truly a privilege to attend as an audience member.  When I work as a Greeter or a Docent in the Rosen House I love to talk to the visitors; they are so interesting, accomplished and happy to be at Caramoor.


What’s one unique fact about you? 

Everyone is unique and there are many things I love to do and have accomplished in my life, but, at Caramoor, I think everyone knows me because of my jewelry.  I wear handmade original items by very gifted American artists and so many people notice and comment on them.  It makes me happy to support those making a living in the arts.


If you could only listen to one artist for the rest of your life, who would it be? 

This is a tough question but probably Luciano Pavarotti.


What’s one story about your time at Caramoor that sticks out to you? 

The concert I loved most was Vladmir Feltsman playing Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition; it was simply extraordinary.

When I work as an Audience Greeter on the lawn I talk to visitors and they all have mouth-watering picnics.  So many people are generous about offering me food, so, I am careful to eat before I come to work or I would eat everything offered me, but there was one picnic I could not resist.  A large group of Middle Eastern ticket holders had each contributed a homemade item to their feast and it all looked and smelled so fantastic so I could not resist when asked to sample their food.  I had spanokopita, tiropita, and stuffed grape leaves; it was worth the splurge!!


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