Inspire: A Campaign for Caramoor’s Future is possible thanks to generous support from the following donors:

Campaign Co-Chairs

Judy Evnin
Peter Kend

Mimi and Barry Alperin
Jim and Aundrea Amine
Anonymous (2)
Nicole and Leo Arnaboldi
David and Laureen Barber
Nancy and Jon Bauer
Ms. Janet Benton
Mr. Norman S. Benzaquen
Gail A. Binderman /
The Norman E. Alexander
Family G Foundation
Mr. André S. Bishop
Margot and Jerry Bogert
Ms. Susan Brenner and Mr. Teed Welch
Ms. Diane Brizer
Margaret Butler
Mr. and Mrs. George S. Case
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Clark
Pat and Ian Cook
William and Sandra Cordiano
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick de Saint-Aignan
In memory of Martha (Marti) Dinerstein
Robert C. Dinerstein
Jane and William Donaldson
Melissa Eisenstat and Jonathan Blau
Adela and Lawrence Elow
Judy and Tony Evnin
Karen and Gerry Fox
Susan and John Freund
Michael and Mary Gellert
Rosa and Robert Gellert
Edythe Gladstein
Virginia Gold
Barbara and E. Robert Goodkind
Susan and Peter Gottsegen
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Grant
Angela and William Haines
Mr. Clark Halstead
Ms. Maureen E. Hanagan
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Handelman
Mrs. Robert D. Hodes
David and Sandra Joys
Alexia and Jerry Jurschak
Olga and Michael Kagan
Floy and Amos Kaminski
Georgia and David Keidan
Cecilia Tay Kellie-Smith and Sam Kellie-Smith
Katherine and Peter Kend
Eileen and Neil Klar
Sidney R. Knafel
Mr. Stanley Kogelman
Alan W. Kornberg and Harold J. Koda
In memory of Peter Kubicek by his family
Mrs. Emily T. Limpe
Tracy and Stephen Limpe /
The Tang Family Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Gerard Mayer
Tracy and Ted McCourtney
Mr. and Mrs. Lester S. Morse, Jr.
Abigail and Sundip Murthy
Martha Nierenberg
Nancy and Morris W. Offit
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Ohnell /
The Ohnell Family Foundation
Susan and Richard O’Leary
Phyllis and David Oxman
Amy Parsons and Paul Bird
Amy and John Peckham /
Peckham Family Foundation
Laura and Edward Pla
Yvonne Pollack,
Pollack Family Foundation
Kathy L. and Marc F. Pucci
Faith Rosenfeld and Jaime Castro
Elaine and Larry Rothenberg
Christie C. Salomon
Mr. and Mrs. Camillo Santomero III
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Saul
Marie and Ray Scanlan
Elaine and Edmund Schroeder
Sara Lee and Axel Schupf
Eileen Caulfield Schwab
The Shanbrom Family Foundation
Estate of William Kelly Simpson
Nina and Michael Stanton
The Ernst C. Stiefel Foundation
Mr. Stephen Ucko
Lucille Werlinich
Leslie Williams and James Attwood
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Winchester
Judi Wolf and Alden L. Toevs
Alicia and Bob Wyckoff
Audrey and Richard Zinman

We are grateful for many additional contributions from generously Inspired donors.

As of March 31, 2020

To learn more about Inspire: A Campaign for Caramoor’s Future and ways you could help, or for additional information, please contact [email protected].


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