A Campaign for Caramoor’s Future.

As we approach Caramoor’s 75th Anniversary in 2020, we are proud to uphold the tradition and values of our founders. We have grown into an organization whose mission is to create unique artistic experiences that serve as unparalleled inspiration in people’s lives. With your help and support, we are excited to continue to embark on building an organization that serves to inspire our audiences, be a haven of inspiration for mentoring artists, and redefines an inspired audience experience.

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Inspire in the news

Read about the campaign launch in the Record Review.
"Caramoor is a gem, we are not trying to change it," said Mr. Attwood. "But we want to make the experience a little more comfortable for people." Ultimately, he added, "we want to preserve what Caramoor is — an incredibly intimate place to experience music and interact with artists."
June 9, 2018 Westchester Business Journal
June 22, 2018 914INC
Read the Press Release.


An Announcement from Caramoor’s Board Chair and CEO

We hope that you will share in our excitement about all that has been accomplished and share in our optimism about Caramoor’s bright future. Four years ago, after much planning and research, the Board of Trustees began the quiet phase of a capital campaign. What started with modest ambitions has today become a resounding success, and our momentum continues into 2018. Inspire: A Campaign for Caramoor’s Future has been embraced and generously supported by forward-looking trustees and lead donors, who have invested more than $30 million in our music and education programs, as well as the historic Rosen House and, soon, our beautiful gardens and grounds.

At the beginning of this endeavor, our first priority was to secure Caramoor’s financial future by growing our permanent endowment. Building a robust endowment to keep pace with the trajectory of our programs is vital, and Caramoor has quadrupled its endowment in the past four years. Having a solid financial foundation will enable us to sustain artistic excellence, better meet unforeseen challenges and opportunities, and seed innovation. We will soon release our 2018 Summer Season brochure, announcing all the artists and programs for the upcoming season. This represents the first summer programmed by Caramoor’s new Vice President of Artistic Programming, Kathy Schuman, and it reflects a clear vision for an exciting, innovative, music-filled future.

The ongoing restoration of the historic Rosen House has enhanced the spaces and experience of music at Caramoor. This multi-year process—from enclosing the Cloisters and Summer Dining Room for energy efficiency and visitor comfort, to updating vital infrastructure and amenities, to a refurbishment of the Music Room—will be completed by 2019. The House remains the crown jewel of the Caramoor estate, and the heart of our legacy as an organization.

Our final phase will involve a comprehensive campus revitalization plan, building on our sense of shared discovery and artistic innovation throughout our grounds. It has always been our goal, beginning with the vision of Lucie and Walter Rosen, to make Caramoor a place for music and a place to gather, to pause, and to reflect. By reconfiguring our parking and venue entrances, adding additional seating and dining amenities, and elevating our beautiful gardens, that vision will be furthered. In addition to focusing on the comfort and enjoyment of our visitors, and inspired by our 2014 outdoor sound art exhibition, we are developing plans to add a new and groundbreaking artistic dimension to our entire campus. In the coming months, you will see the exciting plans we have to elevate your Caramoor visit and reinvent the way you experience our beautiful grounds, gardens, and concerts.

We look forward to continuing this exciting journey with all of you.

James A. Attwood, Jr., Chairman of the Board
James A. Attwood, Jr.
Chairman of the Board
Jeffrey P. Haydon, Chief Executive Officer of Caramoor
Jeffrey P. Haydon

Endowed Funds Established for Future Stability and Innovation

Funds have been established in support of:

  • Chamber Music + NEW: Evnin Rising Stars Mentors
  • Classical Music
  • Caramoor’s Gardens
  • Great American Songbook
  • Innovation
  • Opera + NEW: Opera Performance
  • Piano Performance

Improvements to Caramoor’s Facilities and the Visitor Experience

Projects already accomplished

  • Music Room chairs and risers
  • Summer Dining Room and Cloisters enclosures
  • New audience bathrooms
  • New paving and accessibility infrastructure

Future Projects

  • Comprehensive revitalization of the outdoor visitor experience
  • Re-investment and renewal of gardens and landscape around campus
  • New audience concession area and amenities
  • Improved donor and accessibility parking
  • Improved vehicle traffic
  • Comprehensive night lighting plan
  • Two new audience gathering plazas
  • More convenient entrance to the Venetian Theater
  • A re-imagined Friends’ Field for exclusive use by audiences and programming

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Campaign Co-Chairs

Judy Evnin
Peter Kend

Mimi and Barry Alperin
Jim and Aundrea Amine
Anonymous (2)
Leslie Williams and James Attwood
Nancy and Jon Bauer
Gail A. Binderman /
The Norman E. Alexander
Family G Foundation
Amy Parsons and Paul Bird
Margot and Jerry Bogert
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Clark
William and Sandra Cordiano
Jane and William Donaldson
Melissa Eisenstat and Jonathan Blau
Adela and Lawrence Elow
Judy and Tony Evnin
Susan and John Freund
Michael and Mary Gellert
Rosa and Robert Gellert
Edythe Gladstein
Virginia Gold
Barbara and E. Robert Goodkind
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Grant
Angela and William Haines
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Handelman
Mrs. Robert D. Hodes
David and Sandra Joys
Alexia and Jerry Jurschak
Floy and Amos Kaminski
Cecilia Tay Kellie-Smith
and Sam Kellie-Smith
Katherine and Peter Kend
Mr. and Mrs. Lester S. Morse, Jr.
Martha Nierenberg
Nancy and Morris W. Offit
Susan and Richard O’Leary
Phyllis and David Oxman
Amy and John Peckham
Yvonne S. Pollack
Faith Rosenfeld and Jaime Castro
Elaine and Larry Rothenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Saul
Elaine and Edmund Schroeder
Sara Lee and Axel Schupf
Eileen Caulfield Schwab
Estate of William Kelly Simpson
Nina and Michael Stanton
The Ernst C. Stiefel Foundation
Judi Wolf and Alden L. Toevs
Lucille Werlinich
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Winchester
Audrey and Richard Zinman

We are grateful for many additional contributions from generously Inspired donors.


As of July 24, 2018

To learn more about Inspire: A Campaign for Caramoor’s Future and ways you could help, or for additional information, please contact Inspire@caramoor.org.